quinta-feira, 17 de junho de 2010

Rapunzel: o novo filme da Disney / Disney's Tangled

"Recently, Disney released the Princess and the Frog, capturing the attention and hearts of many viewers from around the world. With their success, they are actually adding a new member to the Disney Princesses family. If you visit theaters on November 24, 2010, you will see one of the world’s most beloved fairy tales come to life with the magic of Walt Disney animation and it is no other than Rapunzel.
Basically, Disney seeks to retell this fairy tell in their trademark 2D animation while presenting it in CGI. It will be truly different from what the animation studios has to offer. Sources say that the title has been changed from ‘Rapunzel’ to ‘Tangled.’ For sure, this Disney film will have you tangled with tons of excitement. Disney has never failed its audiences and we can expect that it wouldn’t with this new film".

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