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Cinco dicas para jovens ilustradores/ Five Tips for Young Illustrators

Jim Harris, autor e ilustrador de livros infantis, apresenta no seu site cinco dicas para jovens ilustradores:

1.  Keep your pencil super sharp.  We’re talking about a point that hurts when you accidentally poke yourself.  I keep an electric pencil sharpener right beside me when I’m drawing and every few minutes, buzzzzzzz, buzzzzzzz, I’m sharpening that point back up.  I use my pencil sharpener so much it wears out and I have to replace it about twice a year!

2.  Drink a lot of water during the day.  It helps your brain work better.  If you feel all fuzzy-headed and no creative ideas are popping into your head… head over to the kitchen and drink a big glass of water.  About 20 minutes later… WHEW!  Where did all these great ideas come from?  Well, now your brain cells can function since you gave them a drink!

3.  Don’t always draw your picture in the middle of your paper.  Occasionally try pushing it off to one side, or up to the top or down to the bottom.  Let’s imagine a drawing of a puppy, for example.  Sure, it would look great right in the middle of the paper.   But… it would also definitely be worth trying putting the puppy in one of the corners and drawing just a squiggle of grass running over toward another corner.  Stuff like that.  There’s a million things you can try… Go for it! 

 Remember… in art, white space isn’t “nothing.”  It’s something you can use to draw attention to other parts of the drawing.

4.  Don’t worry too much if people make negative comments about your art.   If you spend some time eavesdropping at an art museum, you’ll find out that even the most famous art in the world gets a lot of negative comments.  So if someone says your art reeks…. hey, that’s their opinion.  You do art that YOU enjoy.

5.  Draw every day.  

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Este excelente ilustrador disponibiliza muito mais dicas sobre técnicas de pintura e ilustração em Detailed Painting and Illustrating Techniques

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