sábado, 14 de novembro de 2009

4 mulheres, 4 cidades de 7 ou mais colinas

Um pintor: Vladimir Golub.

"Fantastic allusions in the majority of his landscapes are infinite. Especially where the transformed character of real female nature turns into an indirect image of elemental natural forces.

A roguishly graceful model of Golub with her lustrous eyes implying a mystery known only to herself, sloping shoulders, long white neck and half-naked breast immediately attracts spectators` attention. The painter's open personal liking for the model that shows in the picture softens the sorcerous shade of the image of excessively blooming female beauty. The painter is very courteous to, even indulging for his ideal of femininity in a man-like way, he is ruptured and charmed by it". 


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