terça-feira, 27 de outubro de 2009

Para amantes de gatos II/ For cat lovers II

"It is important in my work that I paint intuitively, with no models or photographs to influence the spontaneity of my inner perceptions as they emerge. Although I approach the canvas much like an abstract painter, working with divisions of space, shapes and lines, I enjoy the added challenge of using the human figure. I consciously work with technique and composition, but my unconscious adds an element of inner yearning for tranquility, strength and well being-- depending on my mood. The figures, often depict grounded women with bare earthy feet and large caring hands. The women may be cradling a child, getting solace from a cat or washing their hair in the rain Éreflections from my own life. The large old women may be my grandmother or me. I am also the cat or baby. In a way, the whole painting is a self-portrait from the inside, out. Men are also coming into my compositions. For the sake of important elements in a work, I often exaggerate or distort shapes and lines to enhance the overall flow and composition. I apply the paint, but it is a struggle to not get in the way of the process as it unfolds. It works best if the vision guides me, not I guide it. I notice that my visits to Kauai are influencing my palette. I thank my son "jbum" for all his expertise in making this web site."

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