quinta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2008

O Presépio de Tara Larsen Chang

"Tara Larsen Chang is an illustrator whose work is full of color, life, and gentle realism. Her images range from published children's illustrations to a series of fantasy portraits, but all come from careful study of real people, animals, and objects. She works primarily in watercolor, sometimes combined with pen & ink and colored pencil".

"Her style is realistic yet soft-edged and warm. Drawing upon her own family and her extensive teaching experience, she carefully studies her subjects before translating them into her illustrations. The results are detailed pictures that glow with life, color, and emotion, full of nature, multi-ethnic characters and appealing animals".


"Tara lives near Seattle, Washington with her husband, two children, dog, cat and many, many shelves of books. When she is not drawing and painting in her studio, she can be found working in her gardens to make sure that there are plenty of havens for visiting fairies".


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