domingo, 19 de outubro de 2008

No tempo em que os animais liam...Once upon a time, with Brian Ajhar

Era uma fantásticas ilustrações de Brian-Ajhar. O homem é brilhante! A minha última descoberta neste mundo fantástico da ilustração!

"Humorously depicting people and animals in adverse situations is the essence of a Brian Ajhar illustration. Heavily influenced by the European political satirists of the 19th and 20th centuries, Ajhar draws from classic fables, mythology, history and the arts to illustrate contemporary issues. The classical fairytale quality of Ajhar's watercolors cover a spectrum of themes from social issues to politics to the esoteric world of business and finance. The satire of Brian Ajhar has been showcased on the pages of magazines and newspapers in the United States and Internationally for over two decades. His distinctive point of view has found its way into magazines, character design for animation, advertising campaigns, corporate design, children's books and children's videos."

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